Judith Hoffman
Feb. 15, 2010: Opposition in Iran Meets A Crossroads On Strategy
Mon., Feb. 15, 2010
I chose to paint this image because it is a still taken from a youtube printed in black and white in the New York Times. It is credited simply as "Youtube". The article is called "Opposition in Iran Meets a Crossroads On Strategy" and a large part of its content is why the protests on Thursday were "disappointingly small", crediting the Internet, blogging and exiled organizers reaching out virtually. What does the confluence of physical and virtual action mean? And what defines the "news" when it suffers so many acts of removal, an internet organized protest that no one goes to, depicted in a newspaper in another country by a still of a video shot and compressed online, then reproduced in a painting and then rephotographed, compressed and posted again, online?

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