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Fri., Feb. 5, 2010
So, in the U.S. the loan companies for higher education, undergrad and grad school have begun lobbying the senate against Obama's attempt to rehaul of the system. Right now, "private lenders get a cut of the federally backed loans that they originate and service, with little risk of their own". And I've gotta say, this particular issue has a lot to do with my daily life. I'm ridiculously over-educated and will likely be paying these bad boys off for longer than I ever anticipated. In his state of the union, Obama said something like, "no one should go broke because they chose to go to college". Corporate profit is just sometimes plain evil, and yes, I'm talking about health care and education. So today, an homage to Arne Duncan, who will hopefully fight back with an iron pen.


Feb. 5, 2010: Lenders Lobbying Imperils Student Loans
Feb. 5, 2010: Lenders Lobbying Imperils Student Loans