Judith Hoffman
Excerpt: In Hoping We Find Ourselves"In Hoping We Find Ourselves": Woodward Meets AmsterdamVideo Still: "In Hoping We Find Ourselves"Detail: Woodward, "In Hoping We Find Ourselves"A Translated BuildingStage 1: Translating into 2-D and arranged cardinally.Detail: Amsterdam, "In Hoping We Find Ourselves""In Hoping We Find Ourselves": Amsterdam  Meets CassDetail: Cass, "In Hoping We Find Ourselves"In Hoping We Find Ourselves:
Collaboration with Cris Mendoza
In Hoping We Find Ourselves
This is a one-to-one exact paper replica of the Quark Gallery building in Detroit; the piece has four aspects. First, laid out flat and arranged cardinally, second, put up as a slipcover/skin on the building, third, in collaboration with local Detroit artists where they project their images onto the sculpture. The pieces’ final manifestation is a time lapse charting the course of its disintegration over a month’s time.

Thank you Carlton Mackey for the following poem:

Decomposition. Decay.
emerges from an
eruption of thought and
ideas. The creation
of life from death
as if nothing is left
of a memory but
a mist of its
former presence.
Until soon we
return to the
reality (un)known
built only upon
our former knowing.